touchECG System Digital

touchECG System Digital

touchECG System DIGITAL configuration is a mobile 12/15 leads trolley-based ECG solution. A wireless or USB acquisition unit offering at patient bedside remote ECG acquisition delivers maximum user flexibility in challenging confined space environments with storage drawer for accessories.


touchECG System Digital Configuration allows agile and safe workflow thanks to a reliable connection.

Our solution is a 12 or 15 lead (+ 3 Frank) ECG system consisting of touchECG software, HD + wireless acquisition unit (version HD + 12 or HD+ 15 according to the chosen configuration) and all-in-one touch-screen computer 19,5”.

It natively integrates to ECGWebApp platform, the ECG management system for editing, storing and reporting, totally based on web technology.

Moreover, DICOM export protocol (which is optional) allows full integration into existing hospital and clinic workflows.

touchECG System Digital

Its dedicated trolley has braking wheels, a support surface for wireless mouse and keyboard and a storage compartment.

The system can be completed not only with the Cardioline 200P high performance medical-grade thermal printer but also with a laser printer.

It is ideal to be employed in high acuity hospitals departments, medical clinics as well as surgeries.