The 12 lead Electrocardiograph for your department. Effective and powerful 12 lead diagnostic Electrocardiograph, optimizes Hospital ECG workflow thanks to a intuitive user interface and seamless data integration.

Effective and powerful 12 lead Diagnostic Electrocardiograph, optimizes ECG workflow thanks to a smart user interface and connectivity to dedicated ECG management systems.

Quick ECG acquisition for fast and easy operation. Highly accurate measurements exceeding the most stringent standards and international recommendations. ECG formats: SCP, PDF.


Dedicated networking (LAN, Wi-Fi) to the Cardioline ECGWebApp application, our ECG management system for editing and storage, totally based on Web technology.

Alternatively, for less demanding applications, the ECG EasyApp has been designed to allow local management of patients’ ECGs from their PC. Glasgow ECG Interpretation Option for adult and pediatric patients.

Optional GDPR module, allows complete protection of sensitive data stored on the electrocardiograph by means of a strong authentication module installed on the device.