The 12 lead Electrocardiograph for your Hospital. Effective and powerful 12 lead Diagnostic Electrocardiograph, optimizes Hospital ECG workflow thanks to a smart user interface and seamless data integration.

This is an effective and powerful 12 lead diagnostic electrocardiograph, that optimizes Hospital ECG workflow thanks to a smart user interface and seamless data integration.
ECG100+ can be connected with most common management interfaces (XML and DICOM, optional HL7) and fully integrated within existing workflows of healthcare facilities.

Glasgow ECG Interpretation option is also available for adult and pediatric patients.


Quick ECG acquisition for fast and easy operation. Its highly accurate measurements exceed the most stringent standards and international recommendations.
Moreover it allows maximum networking through LANWi-Fi connectivity and USB port, ensuring seamless plug and play communication. Direct patient demographic data import and ECG export to dedicated management systems, HIS or PACS.

Optional GDPR module, allows full protection of sensitive data stored on the electrocardiograph by means of a strong authentication module installed on the device.