The portable 12 lead ECG for your medical practice. The ECG100L has been designed for maximum portability and ease of use, without compromising Cardioline’s recognized quality standards.


The ECG100L has been designed for total portability and ease of use, without compromising Cardioline’s recognized quality standards.

Particular attention has been dedicated to device usability, using a bright 5 inch color touch screen display, as well as dedicated keys for fast operation.

User is guided through the step by step ECG acquisition procedure, from electrode placement, to quality check, acquisition, printing and storage.


Automatic, manual, Stat or rhythm ECGs can be acquired at the simple touch of a key.

The rhythm ECG function allows for rhythm analysis of 3 minutes of ECG, including HR trending and Variability.

ECG files can be stored on the device or exported, through USB connection or memory stick to a specific ECG Management application for PCs, “ECGEasyApp”, designed for easy but complete handling of patient ECGs.


Effortless ECG Acquisition

Acquiring ECGs is a breeze with a simple key press, offering automatic, manual, and Stat ECG options for user convenience.

Rhythm ECG Analysis

The device excels in rhythm analysis, examining 3-minute ECGs with heart rate trending and variability insights, providing a holistic view of the patient’s cardiac health.

Streamlined ECG Management

ECG files are easily managed, stored, and exported via USB or memory stick. The dedicated “ECGEasyApp” for PCs ensures a straightforward approach to comprehensive ECG data handling.