Cubestress System

Cubestress System

Cardioline’s system incorporating the latest innovations for stress exercise testing.

Innovative interface and integrated test procedure

Cubestress System is a highly configurable system which can be designed to meet your department workflow needs by choosing from the following:

  1. screen configurations selection
  2. thermal or LaserJet and print-to-pdf printers
  3. optional external automatic NIBP/SPO2 devices and electrode suction systems
  4. optional isolation transformer.

When connected to Cardioline’s ECGWebApp platform, users can design and implement data workflow to suit their organization requirements.

Cubestress System

Streamlined 12/15-Lead ECG Acquisition

Cubestress system consists of our 12/15-lead HD+ USB and Bluetooth (BLE) acquisition unit, a dedicated all-in-one touch screen PC, a purpose-built trolley designed to accommodate either an integrated or external thermal and laserJet printer, printer PDF that satisfies all potential users printing requirements.

The graphical user interface is intuitive and configurable that allows the users to customize the display to meet their needs.


Our solution is a Windows OS software for performing and reviewing Exercise (Stress) tests.

Exceptional signal quality, analysis tools, intuitive workflow, scalability, including the integration/interface to other third party systems, and flexible reporting options, deliver a system intended for use within small clinics, cardiology/cardio-respiratory departments and sports medicine facilities.